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Who We Are

Bulldog Business Solutions, Inc. is an IT Consultant/Contractor with 20 years of practical, hands on, IT project experience. During that time, we've made small to medium sized businesses IT systems more reliable and more business effective. We've made divisions within large companies far more efficient than they had previously been. While we specialize in the ground breaking, one of a kind, Lotus Notes/Domino our skills and capabilities do not stop there. Our partnerships with other equally talented professionals gives us access to a broad range of technical talent. We have all the resources to address your business IT needs.

Why Call Us

Our APPROACH and our EXPERIENCE. Our APPROACH is simple. Always act in the in the best interest of YOUR business. We work for you. We only recommend what EXACTLY what your business needs for any particular project in the context of your existing environment. We have no requirement to sell you any particular system or technology. With almost 20 years of EXPERIENCE, we've been around for the entire PC revolution. From the earliest practical days of business networks and email, all the way through to todays internet based technologies. We know how to make technology work better for you.

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Peter Capraro

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