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Business Type: MA Corporation since 1993 providing IT consulting and service.

2015 (June) - Massive Archive Project at Depuy, a division of Johnson & Johnson. Starting in June of 2013 and completed in June of 2015, Bulldog Business Solutions archives the data from an obsolete application. For this project, we had to map the location data in it's source in the obsolete application, identify any transformations, identify where it would go to in the new application. We also wrote as needed customer jobs to extract the data, provided design input into the new application. Additionally, we set up new database tables to store the data as needed and created new techniques required to move almost 200 million lines of data in a time efficient way.

2011 (July) - Begin work on the application that will become A La Carte.

2010 (September) - Facilitate system validation project at Innovative Technologies, Austin, TX. Install and train user on eValidator. Provide technical assistance.

Provide remote (via GoTo Meeting) training, technical support and consultation for a system validation project at Eurofins of Nice, France.

2010 (May) - Deploy an online employment application for JK Staffing Solutions of Windham, NH

2010 (April) - Install and train users on eValidator at Kimberly Clarke in Appleton, WI.

2010 (March) - Consult on and facilitate customization of an EtQ Reliance 5.0 system at CPC, a division of Johnson & Johnson based in Montreal, QC, Canada.

Provide system validation consulting, training and troubleshooting for St Jude's Medical, a medical devices company based in Minneapolis, MN

2010 (January) - Provide consultation and techinical assistance for Quality system validation at Symmetry, a division of Johnson & Johnson. Debug failures that appear during validation and assist in resolution.

2009 (January) - Bulldog Business Solutions enters its 15th year of service to Analog Devices, Inc.

2008 (May) - Bulldog uncovers $1M at BELL. During an overhaul of BELL's billing process, Bulldog identified holes in the system that allowed almost $1M worth of revenue to slip through the cracks. Updates to the processes have resulted in a more realiable system and ability to forecast revenue.

2006 (September) - At BELL, Bulldog Business Solutions teams up with RJQC to extend the usefulness of their Lotus Notes system. Bulldog's general IT experience guided the design of a robust MS SQL server database that served as a proof of concept that was the basis of a reporting tool. RJQC's expertise with Lotus Enterprise Integrator ensured the smooth transfer of data from the BELL Notes sytem to the SQL server database. Reports were made available via the intranet where end users could access them through a browser from any BELL office in the country. The proof of concept was built so robustly that it was still being used two years later.

2006 (July) - The Pearl Motion group, a start up based in Shanghai China looks to Bulldog Business Solutions for advice on how to set up email and a web presence.

2006 (May) - Bulldog Business Solutions combines resources with AMS Staffing to win consulting and contract work with BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life), a nationally recognized, non profit that provides mentoring and other educational services.

2006 (March) - A product group using an intranet site built by Bulldog Business Solutions asks to have their Lotus Notes/Domino based appplication connected to a MS SQL Server database. Bulldog accomplishes this using the Lotus Notes ODBC connectors and writing the SQL statements.

2005 (November) - Yet another server upgrade without disturbing the users. Analog Devices Lotus Notes sytem administrered by Bulldog Business Soluitions has an up-time of over 99.5% to this point. Guess what? It's only going to get better. This is a reliable, stable, highly available mission critical system.

2005 (August) - Analog Devices Sales and Marketing InfoCentral intranet site gets its third face lift. Modifications as needed due to changing business requirements are made.

2005 (February) - WWDSP application is so popular that non-DSP groups within Analog Devices sign on to use it. Bulldog extends that application so that it now supports over 10 Analog Devices support email addresses for 6 different groups. 150 engineers actively use the application to provide email support to Analog Devices customer.

2004 (July) - Second generation WW DSP support application, designed jointly by Analog Devices WWDSP group in Germany and Bulldog Business Solutions is a big hit. All Analog Devices DSP groups around the world now use this application. The application is used 24 hours a day, from Sunday night to Friday night by over 120 engineers in Analog Devices support engineers around the world.

2003 (July) - Bulldog Business Solutions celebrates its 10th anniversary at Analog Devices, Inc. For 10 years now, Bulldog and Lotus Notes/Domino has adapted to changing technology and business environments.

2002 (June) - uh oh! A power transformer in the building housing the Analog Devices Notes server blows out. The building is down but the Notes system is not, thanks to Bulldog Business Solutions resourcefulness in working with the Analog Devices Corp IS group. The Lotus Notes system is up and running again within 2 hours even though the building isn't.

2002 (February) - More intranet sites are added to Sales and Marketing InfoCentral within Analog Devices. Bulldog is still building, maintaining and administering the system and every application on it.

2001 (October) - Both pleased by the results of the application and intrigued by the further possiblities, the Analog Devices WWDSP group of Munich, Germany plans an ambitious new version. Bulldog Business Solutions is again asked to consult, architect and build the second generation WWDSP application.

2001 (August) - Asked to consult on a software development project, Bulldog Business Solutions discovers that the project manager is actually defrauding the corporation that was funding the project. Robert Schneider, CEO of Engineering Tooling Corporation of Waltham, MA asked Bulldog Business Solutions to consult on a software project he had been funding for nearly 2 years and for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whiile he had seen multiple demonstrations over a period of a year of what was claimed to be a "beta" release of the application, he was concerned by the lack of a marketable product. He asked Bulldog to examine the claims made by the project manager and the developer. Upon hearing these claims, Bulldog was immediately skeptical. We reported to Mr Schneider that it was very unlikely that any software could do what was being claimed by the software team he was financing in the way it was being claimed to do it. The skepticism was heightened when the application was examined in actual use and confirm when finally, upon our insistence, the source code was examined.

2001 (March) - Bulldog begins work on its first non-Lotus Notes project. Bulldog is asked to build a totally secure, encrypted and time-bombed CD version of Sales and Marketing InfoCentral site so that field sales personnel can have the product data when they make client visits. Using technology from Macromedia and various other sources, Bulldog completes this project and publishes CD's every few months for the next 5 years.

2000 (November) - Analog Devices WWDSP group, based in Munich, Germany, requests of SGH that Bulldog Business Solutions build an email customer support application.

2000 (August) - It has been decided that Analog Devices will no longer publish and mail out hard copy product bulletins. Instead, Analog will leverage the system built by Bulldog Business Solutions to produce and make available all new sales bulletins via the Sales and Marketing InfoCentral site. Within a few months, this project is complete. Analog Devices realizes significant cost savings and productivity gains. The time to publish is greatly reduced because of the ability to fill in a template form online. Sales bulletins are no longer printed in bulk and mailed out.

2000 (May) - Further improvements to the suite of applications built by Bulldog Business Solutions for Analog Devices. Sales and Marketing InfoCentral receives many "ease or use" improvments while additional intranet sites are added and addtional content "feeder" applications are built.

1999 (July) - 1999 is spent building Lotus Notes/Domino based intranet site for other product groups within Analog Devices. Bulldog Business Solutions builds intranet sites for COMMS, HSC, SLPD and GPC groups. Bulldog designs the apps so that adding new content is simply a matter of creating a new document via a web form.

1998 (September) - Throughout 1998, Bulldog Business Solutions' efforts are focused on improving and upgrading Sales and Marketing InfoCentral within Analog Devices. This intranet site has become the most popular within the company. The site look and feel is redesigned. Using Granite Softwares' ZMerge importing tool designed for Lotus Notes, update jobs can be scheduled or run as needed. Other "feeder" applications to Sales and Marketing InfoCentral are built, using the same ideas as the NSPU application.

1998 (June) - Bulldog registers its own domain (BBOPS.COM) and installs its first mail server. Customers can email Bulldog Business Solutions directly. Instead of having the ISP host a website and mail, Bulldog electes to manage its own Lotus Notes servers onsite.

1998 (February) - Led by Mychal Chin, Bulldog builds a print on-demand application that integrates Lotus Notes with MS Office Access and Word.

1997 (November) - Mychal Chin joins Bulldog Business Solutions.

1997 (August) - Web based collaborative application is built in Lotus Notes/Domino. Bulldog builds the New Product Status application. This application provides a consistent template and wrokflow to various product development groups around the world. The completed and approved documents are published to the Sales and Marketing InfoCentral intranet site.

1997 (May) - The first of the new Lotus Notes/Domino web applications is built at Analog Devices. Sales and Marketing InfoCentral is a intranet site that becomes the source for product information for the field sales personnel.

1997 (April) - Lotus Notes incorporates web technooiges ("Domino"), Bulldog Business Solutions upgrades the Analog Devices Notes network from Notes 3 to 4.5.

1996 (February) - Analog Devices Digital Signal Processing Group has Bulldog upgrade their suite of Notes applications. Throughout 1996, Bulldog continues to maintain and improve Lotus Notes applications for Sales Group Headquarters ("SGH") and Digital Signal Processing ("DSP").

1995 (December) - Robert Chin takes over Bulldog Business Solutions.

1995 (June) - Analog Devices Corp IS withdraws official support of Lotus Notes. Analog Devices Sales Group Headquaters decides to continue Lotus Notes operations and offer services to other internal groups. Bulldog Business Solutions now builds every application and completely administers the Lotus Notes sytems.

1995 (February) - Original Analog Devices Sales Group Headquarter apps are rebuilt by Bulldog. Converted to telephone support application.

1994 (October) - Chase Manhattan requests Bulldog Business Solutions services for a third year in a row.

1994 (August) - Bulldog builds an email based support application that allows multiple engineers to respond to customers using a single generic company email address.

1994 (July) - A Lotus Notes SMTP Gateway installed at Analog Devices by Bulldog Business Solutions. This greatly extends the reach of the email portion of the Notes.

1994 (January) - Bulldog Business Solutions begins rebuild of underperforming Lotus Notes applications for Analog Devices. These applications are redeployed in March for use by Field Sales staff.

1993 (October) - Chase Manhattan asks Bulldog to return for additional project work.

1993 (July) - Analog Devices retains Bulldog Business Solutions to consult on corporate Lotus Notes system.

1993 (January) - Bulldog Business Solutions Incorporated in Massachusetts by three former Lotus Development Corp co-workers.

1992 (July) - Bulldog Business Solutions builds a telephone customer support application in Notes for the DSP group.

1992 (June) - Bulldog Business Solutions is born. Three former Lotus Development Corp employees subcontract Lotus Notes project work for Chase Manhattan Bank in New York.

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